What we fund, and how

What we support

We want to support out-of-the-ordinary experiences in music and media production (the areas Mike worked in) for students at Rawlins and its feeder schools.

As much as possible we want these to be ideas generated by the students themselves, with support and input from teachers and parents.

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We’d like students to tell us what they’d like to do creatively, about why they want to try something out, about how it will help them – and those around them – develop artistically and/or technically.

Some very simple examples:

  • Fees for a favourite artist / musician / film-maker to conduct a workshop or give a talk at the school
  • Funding to attend an event
  • Specialist equipment hire for a film, concert or installation
  • Support for the school to buy a particular software module that will help a computer-based project

… but these are just suggestions. We want few limitations on what students are able to dream up. These opportunities should augment the already fantastic media and arts activities at the participating schools, and be as exciting to the students (and the Trust!) as possible.


How much can we offer?

Here’s where we go into some arts-speak for a bit, but bear with me…

As a young organisation with limited funds, in the first instance we’d be offering support of up to £200 for individual applications; but we would especially encourage joint applications between groups of students and in such cases we would consider support of up to £600 per project (if enough students were shown to benefit from it.)

We would not, in principle, support applications for individually-owned assets, for example the buying of an instrument or IT equipment for the use of one student.

We’d very much welcome applications that had other support (either monetary or in-kind) already in place.

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What we expect in return
It’s important that students feel able to think big without feeling there’ll be too many forms to fill in or hurdles to negotiate – but the Trust also needs to sustain itself. So we would ask that the students, as much as possible, document their progress (using social media or other online means, linkable to the Trust’s website).

Our only other requirement would be that an award was recognised in any literature or promotional activity surrounding it, and that students receiving funds engaged as much as possible in the Trust’s events; spreading the word and showing what they’d achieved with our support to their peers and a wider public.